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Karrimor Softshell Jacket Review


Score: 4.3/5

Overall this jacket scored well across the board. It’s now been tested in low level dog walks in the park and high mountain walks in the Highland of Scotland and it has coped really well in all areas.

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How To Choose the Best Walking Boots for You

Choosing a pair of boots is perhaps the most personal choice a hill walker can make. There are hundreds of brands and potentially thousands of different options to choose from. Each option offers differing levels of support and comfort catering to a different gait and preference, not to discount the cosmetic look of the boots, which is important for some people too.

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Karrimor Mount Mid Review



I bought these boots to replace my old ones that I have had for 9 years. So far, I have been using them mainly on low level park walks, hillier walks with the dog and I have taken them out for a long thrash on occasion. I am limited by the current travel restrictions (Feb-21) so I cannot get to any serious hills, however, I have been using them almost daily for the past few months in various levels of winter weather.

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Pathfinder 21 LED Headlamp Review

You’re out in the hills, the walk has taken longer than anticipated and the light is fading fast. The sun is setting over the skyline to the west and its getting harder to see clearly. You are struggling to ready your map in the gloom and your footing is becoming un-sure. Its time to reach into the bag and pull out the headtorch. Which model do you pull out?

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