Karrimor Jura 35 Rucksack Review

Overall Score: 4.6/5


A few weeks ago I wrote a post focussing on packing a rucksack and included a few of the rucksacks that I have and have carried in the hills all across the UK. This rucksack was not included in that post as I was still in the process of deciding which rucksack to buy to replace my older day sack.

I’ve had my Berghaus Day Pack for years and it is showing signs of major wear and tear. One of the supports has worn through its fabric housing and sticks out a little way. On its own, not an issue but when carried for hours at a time, it can make you feel a little uneven, not something that you want when planning multi-peak bagging trips that can take hours.

I’m already a little bit in love with the Karrimor Jura 35. Its comfy, roomy and can take a beating on the hills. It pretty much ticks all my boxes. We got ours in the khaki/olive colour scheme, which I quite like too. So, anyway, keep on reading to find out why I decided on the Karrimor Jura 35 and why I think it would be a great rucksack for you if you’re in the market for one.

Karrimor Jura 35 Rucksack

Comfort and Fit

This bag is a little longer than my previous one and I had concerns prior to purchasing it that it might hang a little lower and get in the way when walking. I’m not a big guy, so these things matter to us shorter folk. However, even when fully loaded, the rucksack sits nice and high on my back, helping me maintain my centre of gravity. Its not so high that I topple forwards, but allows to carry the bulk of the weight on my hips using the waist belt.

Sliding Clip on the Chest Strap

The waist belt and straps are made from the same strong material that the manufacturer calls KS p300BRS. I have no idea what that is. But it is strong and flexible enough to be comfortable walking around. The buckles and clips used to adjust the straps are well placed and slide easily, making it super simple to adjust everything for the perfect fit. I really like the way that the chest strap can slide up and down the piping on the shoulder straps so you can adjust the height of the chest strap. I think it’s a very clever way to make things just a little more comfortable.

The back has the WindTunnel and Coolmesh technologies, that keep air circulating between the rucksack and our back, keeping you cool on hose warmer hikes. This is reasonably standard for rucksacks these days, but it’s good to know it’s there to help reduce any hot spots.

WindTunnel & Coolmesh

WindTunnel is Karrimor technology that helps to minimise the contact between the pack and your back, this allows for more air to circulate, helping to keep you cool. This technology is paired with their Coolmesh fabric and together, they do a great job of keeping my back cool.

WindTunnel and Coolmesh Back

The design is two vertical padded pieces of the Coolmesh fabric straddling an open space between them for the air to flow through and keep you cool. Its quite a simple system, but works well.

There is one downside to the Coolmesh fabric that I feel I should mention. When you put your pack down when you are taking a break sometimes small pieces of debris can get caught in the mesh. Its just a bit annoying to find that there are bits of dirt/twigs/heather in the mesh when you take the rucksack off at the end of the day.


The Jura 35 rucksack is as robust as they come. All the stitching, zips, straps and clips seem solid and secure and I can’t see any issues with the fabric or rain cover. Having used the rucksack a few times in different conditions I can say that I have no concerns about the durability of the rucksack or any of its components.


Waist Belt Clip

Capacity: 35L
Back System: Windtunnel
Contact mesh: Coolmesh
Access: Zip access to base compartment
Dividers: Zip out compartment divider
Pockets: Fixed side pockets, lid pocket
Hydration system compatible
Fabric: KS p300BRS
Weight: 850g
Raincover: included
H53 x W28 x D14cm (approx)


I picked up this pack for £24.99 from SportsDirect. You can also get it for the same price on Amazon. For under £25, I think this rucksack is great quality, durable and built to last. Other rucksacks in the same price category come with similar features, it doesn’t have any one thing over and above other rucksacks that makes it stand out. The thing I like about it though is that whilst it doesnt have a flashy gizmo or crazy feature, it performs really well at all the important categories and beats many of the competition in this price bracket across the board.

That’s really the reason I chose this rucksack above others out there on the market, is that this is really solid, dependable pack for almost any occasion.


So in conclusion, should you buy this pack? If you are looking for a rucksack that you can rely on throughout the year for day trips into the hills, yes, you should. I cannot see many rucksacks that would compete with the Jura 35 for that price.

Be aware that the mesh might get some dirt in it at some point, but treat this rucksack well and it will look after you for years.

This page contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you. However, I have not been paid to promote any product above any other, so opinions are my own and un-biased.

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