BEST Hiking Gloves 2021

We are in the depths of winter and if you’re like me, you’re constantly pulling on a pair of gloves when you head outside. Whether to climb a hill, de-ice the car or head to the shops, gloves are key part of my winter wardrobe. So, which are the best gloves out there and which do I use?

Best Gloves for Kids


We have a set of the Zorro gloves, which has been replaced by the Vizza II Kids. My kids love them, they are warm, keep you dry and are tough enough to take kid size pounding. These are not the top of the line gloves you can get, but they are more than adequate to cope with most of the things a kid will put them through throughout a winter season. My kids have used their set in the wet leaves in the woods in autumn, they have also used them for snowball fights in the garden. The gloves have coped admirably with it all.

The fingers and thumb have a toughened outer on them to cope with scrapes and rough usage, as well as an adjustable wrist strap to help keep them attached to little hands. A elasticated cuff helps keep wrists warm as we well as snow/ice out. The outer shell is water resistant – in fact my kids have never complained of wet of cold hands, but I think in a deluge they might struggle. Inside a fleece lining adds to the comfort as well as adding a layer of warmth to the gloves.

Overall a great, inexpensive option for little ones that will keep them toasty and dry in almost all weathers. You can pick up a pair on Amazon for a reasonable price under £20.

Best Windproof Gloves


Now, these are maybe not the most expensive glove nor are they the most recognised brand, but I have been using these gloves all autumn and now into the winter for walking the dog and generally out and about. They are great! I used them on a recent trip up Tomtain, where they performed really well too. They come with a zip fastening running up the back of the hand and finish right at the heel of your palm. They come in three sizes, so be sure to select the right one. I have a medium size, which fits me really well. My wife has the small size, which she says are perfect for her.

They also have pads on the index finger and thumb, which allow you to use your phone. Which is really handy and something I didn’t know that I had missed really until I had this option. No more faffing about taking of gloves to answer a call for me! Having a bit of a scout about online, you can actually find these gloves under a few different brand names, so have a look around if you’re thinking of buying a pair.

Quality wise, if have had no issues at all, I’ve been using them almost daily for about 4 months, and they haven’t caused me any problems. Something that I would highly recommend, sometimes, you don’t need a full on winter glove, especially on dry but breezy days. These gloves stop your hands overheating whilst keeping the worst of the wind off.

Here is a link to Amazon, where I got mine, they stock a few different designs and similar gloves, so click the link and be sure to look around for the best ones for you (or buy 2 pairs!).

Best Gloves for the Snow


I am going to focus here on hiking in the snow as that is what most of you will be here for, these gloves will also do the playing the snow with the kids and things too, but you might be able to find a cheaper more effective pair if that is all you need. Overall, these are the gloves I use the most when out in deepest winter. The reason for that is they are versatile and can cope with almost anything (bar a rip in the material).

The fit is good and comfortable, I have seen a few reviews out there stating that the sizing can be a bit off, and best to order the size up from normal. I would agree that the fit is quite snug, but I prefer that if I am trying to do things, I don’t want a load of excess material flapping about. That’s my preference though, so it you are betwixt and between, maybe go for the larger size.

Windproofing is great, no issues there, in snow they are good too as the snow doesn’t seep into the seams. I have had an issue when its really, really wet where my finger tips get a little damp. Nothing major, but its worth noting that if you plan to submerge them, you’ll end up with wet fingers.

I think I would go as far as to say that they are my favourite gloves of all that I have. That will have something to do with the adventures that I have had wearing them, but the overall glove is also excellent. Amazon sell them, head over and pick up a pair, you won’t regret it.

Best Running Gloves


I know not all of you will be keen runners, neither am I, but I thought I would include these here. Running requires a different set of equipment to hill walking purely because, in my experience, you tend to get warmer and sweat more the faster you move. That’s one reason that you will find these gloves are much thinner than any of the other gloves I have recommended.

Taking that on board, there are still occasions that require additional levels of warmth, when it is particularly cold or windy where I will put gloves on to make any longer runs a little more comfortable. When looking at a running glove, for me, wind proofing is key. These Extremities Tor Gloves are great for that, the clue is in the name I guess.

I like the chunky wrist strap which is easy to loosen/tighten on the run as well as the easy way my hand slips right into the glove without too much pulling and straining. The additonal material provided for grip on the fingers and palms is useful, but I dont have much use for holding onto things when I am running. I also guess it would be good if you were into cross country and things where you needed to put your hands down to clamber over obstacles and things – not my bag, so dont hold me to that one!

You can pick up a pair here for a reasonable price.

All prices are correct at time of writing.

This page contains affiliate links to products. I may receive a commission for purchases made through these links, at no additional cost to you. However, I have not been paid to promote any product above any other, so opinions are my own and un-biased.

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