Karrimor KS-300 Fleece Review

Overall score 4.7/5

So you’re looking for a mid-layer fleece and have stumbled upon the Karrimor KS-300. Want to know why I think this is the best fleece that I own? Read on and I will explain…


Low price (if you look around) and high quality, this fleece is a versatile addition to any walkers equipment list. High levels of comfort an durability make it perfect as an outer layer in the drier spring/autumn or mid layer in winter under a waterproof outer layer. I love this fleece and would recommend to anyone looking to add something in this category to their wardrobe. Overall 4.8 out of 5. The slight deduction is for the fact that it doesn’t squash down into a tiny bundle for packing into a rucksack. Recommended purchase here for the best price (at the time of writing).

Comfort and Fit

Credit: Sports Direct.com

The fit on my KS300 is perfect. Its snug, warm and great for those autumn/winter days out. The sleeves are just the right length and aren’t tapered too much, so if you do get a bit warm, you can roll the sleeves up. The front pockets are perfectly placed for comfortable use and the drawstring around the bottom hem allows you to pull in the fleece around your body, preserving body heat when its particularly breezy.

The neck panel is also a nice touch as when the fleece is done right up to the top, it’s not itchy or irritating. There is no hood, so it is likely that you will pair this fleece with another jacket of hat on the chilly days outside.

Technical – Heavy Weight Fleece

The material in this fleece comes in at 300g/m2 (hence the name KS300, I guess?) which is perfect for a winter mid layer. I have also worn this fleece as an outer layer on a dry autumn day without any difficulties. However, I would suggest that it is a bit much for those balmy summer days. The only downside is that as the fleece is quite heavy duty, it doesn’t pack to the smallest bundle. If you are looking for something lightweight to pack away at the bottom of the rucksack in case it gets a bit chilly, I think there are better options out there.


Zip fastenings – credit sportsdirect.com

Overall, I have worn this fleece both indoors and outdoors in the warmer months and depths of winter and it has coped with everything that I and 3 kids can throw at it. The material (100% polyester) is strong enough to handle being brushed up against rocks or jumped on by a dog. The stitching seems to be super strong, and all the joints between the material panels have a good solid double stitch to keep everything together.

The zips on the front, front pockets and Napoleon pocket are well attached with metal fastenings and good sized toggles to aid in opening. Overall, I am very impressed with the way that this fleece is put together and the way it has stood up to what I have needed from it.


Full Frontal Zip

Zipped Front pockets

Zipped Napoleon Pocket

Karrimor Branding

Machine Washable


The list price on this fleece at karrimor.com is £39.99. Do I think that’s good value? I think its reasonable. This is a really good all round fleece and if you look at other similar level fleeces out there, £40 is ok. However, if you search around you can bag yourself a bargain. You can pick up this fleece on Amazon for £19.99 + delivery. Do I think that’s good value? – Yes! that is an amazing bit of kit for a very good price. You’d be mad not to at that price.


This is the best fleece that I own. Its comfortable, warm and durable. The pockets are a good size and well placed. For me personally, I prefer to wear it as an outer layer in the autumn and spring time as I have other jackets that I prefer for the winter, but I have tested it under a waterproof outer layer and it works really well. Its probably the most versatile piece of clothing in my hiking wardrobe, and for that reason alone, I think its the best item in there.

All prices are correct at time of writing.

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