Welcome to hiking-scotland.co.uk, a place for hikers, walkers and hill baggers. I hope to share a little bit of experience, some walk reports and generally take account of our adventures in the Scottish outdoors.

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How to Lace Your Boots Correctly

Tying your boots correctly is an important factor in ensuring your boots stay comfortable throughout your hike as well as helping to prevent hot spots, blisters, and blackened toe nails. Changing the way your boots are tied can relieve presure points and give your feet space to carry you effectively through your walk. In this … Continue reading How to Lace Your Boots Correctly

What to Drink When Hiking

A good guide is to drink 500ml of water per hour or moderate intensity exercise in moderate temperatures. This will very considerably if the weather changes, the activity becomes more/less strenuous or you are stopped for a break. First things first, I am not a doctor or a medical professional. The limit of my expertise … Continue reading What to Drink When Hiking

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