Welcome to hiking-scotland.co.uk, a place for hikers, walkers and hill baggers. I hope to share a little bit of experience, some walk reports and generally take account of our adventures in the Scottish outdoors.

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How To Use A Compass

A compass is used to find magnetic north orientate yourself and you your map to the ground, and navigate on a bearing in your desired direction of travel. It is an invaluable tool for anyone travelling in the wilderness, hiking in the mountains or anywhere that you cannot use a GPS. So, how do you … Continue reading How To Use A Compass

How to Orientate a Map

Orientating your map is a key skill that many hikers rely on. It allows you to line up what is on your map, using north and visual topographical features, to the ground around you and the landscape in which you are travelling. Doing it correctly will allow you to navigate effectively over the course of … Continue reading How to Orientate a Map

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